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About me

Hello, boys and girls!

I am Zack Curly Hair and I welcome you all to my website!

  • Have you ever wondered why do we see rainbow?
  • Are you curious to learn why earthquakes happen?
  • Wouldn't you like to find out why "Day" changes into a "Night"?

If you ever asked your parents these questions then you just found yourself a new friend right here!

I am looking all over the world for curious minds and kindred souls who question everything they see around them.

Please send me your questions about anything and I will come back with my answers as soon as possible!

You can also talk to me about anything you are interested in, anything

which occupies your mind and needs a friend to share with.

My website is completely FREE and no one needs to register just to ask questions.

However, should you decide to register you will get additional perks, including:

  • You would be able to answer questions posted by other kids
  • You would be able to rate other users' questions and answers
  • You would be able to communicate with me directly
  • You would be eligible to receive various prizes

I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you on my site!