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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I ask Zack?
Any questions whatsoever! Any questions which might interest you from “why is it raining” to “how nuclear reactor works”. The more you ask, the more knowledge you’ll acquire

2. Do questions have to be of scientific nature?
Absolutely not - you can ask any questions you like

3. How many questions can I ask Zack?
As many questions as you like - there are no limits!  The only thing is that you cannot combine several questions into one request. There should be only one question per your request.

4. How fast will I get my answer?
It depends on how difficult your question is.  Zack will answer them as quickly as he can, but sometimes he needs the time to answer difficult questions. But in any case - you will get your answer!

5. Is registration necessary to use that site?
No - registration is not necessary: unregistered users can still ask questions and receive answers as well. However, should you decide to register you will get additional perks, like:

  • You would be able to answer posted questions yourself
  • You would be able to communicate to Zack directly through an Email
  • You would be able to communicate to other users
  • You would be able to rate other kids' questions and answers
  • Your question unique ID will be automatically stored in your profile

6. What can I do to make my communication with Zack invisible to other users?
In that case you would need to use a private communication channel.  You would need to register on the site for that. Registration should only take minutes.

7. What can I do if I did not get my answer in an expected time?
Please send your complains and questions to (Email needs to be set up). Please provide your exact question in your email. You would need to register on the site for that.

8. If I know the answer to other user’s question - can I answer that?
Yes you can if you are a registered user

9. Can I ask questions using other language then English?
Not at this point - but we are thinking about it!

10. What differs you from other similar sites?
We target kids who are curious in advanced subjects.  When we answer the question we will try to be extremely clear in our explanation using a very simple language without compromising the content. How many times you asked the question and the answer confused you even more? That is what we are trying to avoid completely!

11. What do I do if an answer is not quite clear to me?
Please send Zack private Email and describe your question and where you got confused on the answer. We will help you clarify our answer. You would need to register for this type of communication.

12. What are the site benefits?
By asking challenging questions on this site - first of all you are challenging yourself! Being curious takes guts and brains - you push yourself further, you push your brain to work harder. Knowing more is power which let’s you succeed in school and ultimately in life. Being on this site is like having your tutor by your side all the time. And most importantly - it is FREE!