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Welcome to AskZacky.com - a FREE Internet educational site/resource for kids where they can ask any questions, receive answers and answer questions posted by other kids. If you are planning to use this site then it will be beneficial for you to get familiar with this information below.

AskZacky.com does not require anyone to register, which means anyone can ask questions and receive answers absolutely anonymously. However registration will get users additional benefits, like:

  • Ability to answer posted questions yourself
  • Ability to communicate to Zacky directly through an Email
  • Ability to receive various prizes
  • Ability to rate other kids' questions and answers

Registration does not require you to state your real name – just nickname is fine. Also, you would need to provide your Email address to facilitate communication with you.

We will collect some site's statistics, hence we will ask you to provide some information about yourself which is NOT going to be required. This information will just give us an idea about our user's preferences that is why we will appreciate greatly if you could provide it during your registration.

We never sell or distribute our users' information to third-parties or organizations.

We are using standard methods to save cookies for users' registration which allow us to collect and analyze an information about our users' preferences during their activity on our site. Should you decide to stop this – you can simply disable cookies on your computer.

We will not be responsible for usage of the information stored on your computer by third-parties and organizations.

This information will be used exclusively for site's stats collection, analysis and improving site's effectiveness and stability.

All personal information collected by AskZacky.com is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act which aims to protect user details and private information, and to handle data responsibly.